Wendelstedt Umpire School

We Have Local Clinic Training Programs For All Student's Aspirations

Wendelstedt Umpire School clinics provide the most extensive and comprehensive umpire instruction available, regardless of the student’s aspirations. Having trained thousands of amateur umpires, the Wendelstedt Umpire School has designed local clinic training programs and materials to accommodate all levels of baseball umpiring. Rules, interpretations, and mechanics instruction can also include the variances for college, high school, and other levels of baseball.

All instructors for Wendelstedt clinics consist of instructors of the school’s Professional Umpire Course, current professional umpires, and others specifically selected by Hunter Wendelstedt for their umpiring knowledge, communication skills, and instructional abilities.

All of our clinics offer in-depth Wendelstedt Umpire School training materials and instruction. Each course will be divided between classroom and fieldwork sessions; each containing specific content for the individual clinic based on recommendations of the hosts and attendees. Classroom sessions are filled with detailed and comprehensive instruction in umpire mechanics, procedures, and rules interpretations. Classroom instruction may also include class competitions, open forum discussions, and video review rap sessions. Specific areas of instruction might include:

Catcher’s Interference
Offensive Interference
Base Awards
Handling Situations and Ejections

Field Training consists of a wide range of instruction for both plate and base work, and includes individual cage instruction. Even before entering the pitching machine, students are instructed on the proper wear and use of protective equipment. Each student’s plate stance and mechanics will be reviewed, and will include evaluations in the key areas proven and designed to create top-notch plate umpires.

Recommendations will be made to each umpire so that they can reach their highest potential in consistency and accuracy. Determining and developing the strike zone, and learning to accurately judge check swings will also be thoroughly reviewed.

Other areas covered during field training sessions may include:

Reading Plays and Proper Timing
Batter and Batter-Runner
Double Plays Footwork and Mechanics
Umpire Rotations
Pitcher Restrictions and Regulations
Theories on Positioning and Angle/Distance
Infield Fly

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