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I want to thank you for your interest in attending our school! As the only independently run professional umpire school recognized by both Minor League and Major League Baseball, we have prepared more umpires to move into professional baseball, and more umpires to move into the Major Leagues, than all other programs in history combined. Read More


As a long time golf instructor, it’s very easy for me to recognize passion and excellence from a teacher. This group of instructors is way beyond my greatest expectations. If you are serious and want to work hard at becoming a professional umpire, I can’t imagine there is a better place anywhere to make it happen.

Danny Winget (Class of 2019)

I had a terrific experience surrounded by a great group of instructors. If I ever find myself struggling with pitches, I always go back to the basics I learned 29 years ago. The number one student in my class worked the plate for game seven of the 2016 World Series. He truly is the best of the best. The things I learned at Wendelstedt carried over to my football officiating and my career in the Government. You will not be disappointed. Take a chance and go seize the opportunity.

Jeff Murray (Class of 1990)

There is nothing else like the Harry Wendelstedt Professional Umpire School. You will learn from the best umpires in the game. They treat everyone the same and you receive the same teaching whether you’re looking for a job in Professional Baseball or not. If you want to be the best umpire you can be then this is the only place for you.

Chris Keller (Class of 2015)

It was one of the best experiences of my life! The instructors and training were fantastic and the lifelong friendships will forever be cherished. It elevated my umpiring skills and helped me advance my umpiring career! Thank you Hunter Wendelstedt and staff!

Larry Dean Boykin (Class of 2014)

This is the finest umpire school in the world. They not only taught me how to do the job but they made me a better man. I was very fortunate to continue on as an instructor here for the next 10 years of my career and I am very thankful to everyone involved in my life and career.

Peter Durfee (Class of 1998)

I attended the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School and it was a great experience. The time management of the school was awesome. Learning from the men who work MLB games and are the best at their craft was truly a blessing. You won’t go wrong when you go to Wendelstedt.

Randy Lee Dilingham (Class of 1996)

Think you know the game of baseball? Trust me, you don’t know the game until you have attended the Wendelstedt Professional Umpire School! I had a great experience learning from an incredibly knowledgeable staff! I have not been able to watch a baseball game the same since my time at Wendelstedt (I’m too busy watching the umpires). I highly recommend attending Wendelstedt!

Jeffery Block (Class of 2008)

The experience and friendships I acquired at the Wendelstedt Umpire School have lasted a lifetime. Truly one of the best things I ever made. I would highly recommend attending Wendelstedt!

Bill Dempster (Class of 1978)

Best decision I ever made! I was able to move on to the next level and achieve my goal of becoming a Minor League Umpire. While I wasn’t able to make it as a Major League Umpire, my experience has helped me to continue my career as a Division 1 college umpire. I would highly recommend attending the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School.

Jessie Moreno (Class of 2003)

The best experience I have ever had! The instructors are very informative and the field work is fun. Things really come alive towards the end when live games start and guys begin to separate themselves! I would take the course again in a heartbeat! Enjoy your time at the Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School!

Rick Lightning Glowacki (Class of 2010)
I first visited the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires as a 24-year-old Newsweek reporter back in January 2000. I’d begged my editor to send me because I’d been floored by the opportunity the school promised: Take a five-week course and, if you finish around the top 20 percent of your class, get hired straight into the minor leagues—calling outs and balks and ground-rule doubles in small-town ballparks across the country. Could it really be that simple to launch a career in the national pastime? And a clashing companion thought: What brave soul would volunteer for the workplace abuse that umpires endure from angry players, managers, and fans? Read More
Making it to The Show is a dream for baseball players and umpires alike. The journey for many begins at the Wendelstedt School in Daytona Beach, Florida. Read More
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