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Harry Letter

I want to take a moment to thank you for your interest in attending our school. We are the only independently run professional umpire school recognized by Minor League and Major League Baseball, and we have prepared more umpires to move into professional baseball, and more umpires to move into the Major Leagues, than all other programs in history, combined!

I am very happy to hear that you are interested in becoming one of our next success stories. Whether your aspirations in umpiring are to become a Big League umpire, or just to improve your skills at the amateur level, our training program is designed for you. … Continue

The Scouting Report

We're in the Social Sciences!

Recently, owner and operator, Hunter Wendelstedt, was asked to contribute to a study and evaluation of how umpire's decisions are determined by the order in which they make them. Take a listen to the interview conducted by Freakonomics Radio.

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The Doctor is in the House

The Wendelstedt Umpire School is happy to announce the addition of a new off-field staff member. Dr. Steve Dorsey will be joining the staff as the Wendelstedt medical coordinator. Dorsey is responsible for the health and wellness of the student body, and will instruct the students on nutrition, fitness, and the prevention  …

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Wendelstedt Well Represented at Fall Classic

Once again, the post season is filled with Wendelstedt Staff and Graduates. In addition, the 2016 World Series crew includes 6 of 7 umpires affiliated with the Wendelstedt Umpire School. Wendelstedt instructors include Larry Vanover, Sam Holbrook, and Crew Chief John Hirschbeck. Other members of the crew include Wendelstedt grads  …

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