Professional Umpire Course

January 2 - February 4, 2020
Daytona Beach, FL

Training Future Umpires

Our Professional Course is designed to train, evaluate, and place students for positions in affiliated professional baseball. In addition, the course also prepares students who do not, or choose not, to move into professional baseball for positions in college and independent professional leagues all over the country. It is comprised of five weeks of umpire theory and on-field application, introduction to baseball protocol and rules, the mechanics of baseball umpiring, current positioning theory, professional ethics and philosophy, and integrated and simulated, as well as live game, situations. Our objective is to train and evaluate umpire candidates for positions in professional, independent professional, college, and local amateur baseball.

We are the only program that have exclusive agreements with independent professional leagues, and we are the only program with the extensive and intimate relationships with college-level assignors as well. Several league presidents and league and conference assignors will also be in attendance with our program to look for potential umpire candidates.

Prior umpire experience is not required to attend umpire school, regardless of your aspirations. Many of our successful students have had no umpire experience whatsoever, and many have come from playing or coaching backgrounds. Each student receives a comprehensive introduction to the intricacies of baseball as if they have never umpired before. All subjects are thoroughly covered and explained in a classroom setting, demonstrated by staff members on the field, drilled for reinforcement through repetition, and applied during simulated controlled situations. Finally, we are the only program that utilizes the play of college and high school teams in live games to help evaluate our students' skills and abilities.

Curriculum Overview

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