Providing formal, supervised training for students to qualify for umpire positions in professional, college, high school, independent professional, and youth baseball.




Whats New:

Wendelstedt Umpire School to Host another Caribbean Umpire Classic - This time to the Bahamas!

Following up on the success of the last couple of Winter time umpire clinic cruises, the Wendelstedt Umpire School has announced that they will host yet another cruise in early December. This year's clinic will be reduced to four days to accommodate those of your who indicated that you would be interested in a less-expensive, shorter option. Dates and costs will be posted soon. Availability will be limited. Make sure to keep checking back so you can reserve your spot. And bring along your spouse, too.


A New Look

The Class of 2014 will experience a new look when attending umpire school. Facility and location changes have been made, as well as the addition of a number of new technologies to improve the student learning environment. After compiling the requests of past students, we have made changes that we expect will only improve our already premier status in the umpire training world. Some of those changes were slowly implimented this year, but more are to come. We look forward to seeing you there!


International Students Wanted

We are the only program offering international students the ability to attend umpire school and vie for a position in professional baseball. As a world umpire training provider, we are classified as an M-1 from the Department of State and INS. International students applying for enrollment with our program will be provided an I-20 Visa certificate.This process can take up to three months to process, so please be certain to get in your enrollment to us ASAP.



In the News and Around the Bases:

Today Show Visits the Wendelstedt Umpire School

Jenna Wolfe and the Today Show staff recently made a visit to the Wendelstedt Umpire School, where Jenna learned some of the ropes of making in in professional baseball. CLICK HERE to see the brief training Jenna endured.

Recent Events:

Another Successful Spring Training

Another eventful Spring Training has come and gone, and with all of our AAA umpire instructors receiving MLB games! Our staff continues to lead the pack in reaching the Major Leagues. Already, the majority of our AAA staff has been assigned to work as fill-ins for the regular season. They continue to prove their abilities and are in line for those next open positions. Congratulations guys! Good luck this season!

Wendelstedt Staff

Our world famous staff is comprised of 16 Major League umpires and 21 other umpires from every level of Minor League Baseball. From 30+ year veteran Crew Chiefs in MLB, to first year professional umpires, no other program has been able to boast such an experienced staff! Every level of baseball is represented, including NCAA and international leagues.

Updated Staff Photos Coming Soon. You may contact select staff members by calling 1-800-818-1690 and request a list of extensions by name.

Our staff includes:

Harry Wendelstedt
NL #21
Click Here for a Memoriam

Hunter Wendelstedt
MLB #21
Madisonville, LA
Jordan Baker
MLB #71
Oklahoma City, OK
Dan Bellino
MLB #2
Crystal Lake, IL
Cory Blaser
MLB #89
Westminster, CO
Vic Carrapaza
MLB #19
Tarpon Springs, FL
Bob Davidson
MLB #61
Denver, CO
Dana DeMuth
MLB #32
Neotsu, OR
Doug Eddings
MLB #88
Las Cruces, NM
Greg Gibson
MLB #53
Ashland, KY
Ed Hickox
MLB #15
Port Orange, FL
Sam Holbrook
MLB #34
Lexington, KY
Ron Kulpa
MLB #14
St. Louis, MO
Jerry Layne
MLB #24
Winter Haven, FL
Paul Nauert
MLB #39
Lawrenceville, GA
David Rackley
MLB #86
Charlotte, NC
Larry Vanover
MLB #27
Owensboro, KY
Tripp Gibson
Marysville, WA
Mark Ripperger
San Diego, CA
Stu Scheurwater
Saskatchewan, Canada
John Tumpane
Chicago, IL
Matt Carlyon
Drums, PA
Blake Carnahan
Athens, GA
Ryan Additon
Davie, FL
John Libka
Mayville, MI
Malachi Moore
Compton, CA
Alex Ortiz
Los Angeles, CA
Ryan Powers
Riverside, CA
James Rackley
Houston, TX
Alex Ransom
Boise, ID
Jeremie Rehak
Export, PA
Brian Reilly
Grand Rapids, MI
Adam Schwarz
Riverside, CA
Junior Valentine
Cosby, TN
Jansen Visconti
LaTrobe, PA
Ronnie Whiting
Morgantown, WV
Jake Wilburn
Fort Worth, TX
Brian Kennedy
Taipei, Taiwan
Brent Rice
Administrative Director
Battle Creek, MI




Excellence in Umpire Training!
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