Wendelstedt Well Represented at Fall Classic

Once again, the post season is filled with Wendelstedt Staff and Graduates. In addition, the 2016 World Series crew includes 6 of 7 umpires affiliated with the Wendelstedt Umpire School. Wendelstedt instructors include Larry Vanover, Sam Holbrook, and Crew Chief John Hirschbeck. Other members of the crew include Wendelstedt grads Marvin Hudson and Tony Randazzo, and annual umpire school attendee Joe West.

This year's playoffs were dominated by great games and series, and was capped off by one of the most exciting World Series in history. Seven games, extra innings, and a world champion 108 years in the making. The pressure of these circumstances could be crippling, but was handled tremendously by the umpiring crew. A stellar performance by Wendelstedt instructor Sam Holbrook closed out the series. Congratulations all on the selections and performances, guys! Way to represent the school and profession!