Field Work

Field Work

In the beginning stages of the course training, students will start field training around 11 a.m. Once the foundations of the Two-Man System have been established, we may report to the fields earlier on select days. In the later stages of the course we will conduct many live games played by college and high school teams. When these begin, reporting directly to the fields may be required, especially on Saturdays.

The first part of work day at the fields will include a period of limbering up and light conditioning. Following the exercises will be drills to teach proper mechanics such as proper stance, voice control, ball and strike, safe and out calls, and proper positions on the field. We will cover the correct method to handle players and situations and the use of umpire equipment. Demonstrations by staff instructors will be used extensively to show students the proper techniques, footwork, and mechanics to effectively umpire a game. Controlled game scenarios are conducted by instructors on each of the fields during these times as well.

Lunch will be catered directly to the fields in order that students can be readily available should we play games through the lunch period, if necessary. Following lunch, additional demonstrations, drills, control games, and student games will continue until every phase of the Professional Umpire Course is covered. College and high school games will be umpired after the first ten days of fundamentals. These games are played from 3:30 p.m. until usually around 6:00 p.m. Occasionally student will continue to work games under the lights.

At the conclusion of the day, the staff brings together the class to discuss common issues on each field. They will also provide the students with advanced techniques, homework instructions for the evening, and preparation instructions for the next scheduled work day. After questions and concerns from the class are addressed, students are dismissed to return for evening personal time.

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