Curriculum Overview


The Professional Umpire Course is designed to improve every student's knowledge and skills regardless of past experience (or lack thereof). The 30-day program provides students with 240 hours of instruction. The course is divided into three main instructional components: classroom training, cage instruction, and field work.

Monday - Friday, students will begin their day with classroom training. Following a comprehensive examination of the Official Baseball Rules and the mechanics of the Two-Umpire System, students will report to the fields where the practical application of the information learned in the classroom is related in cage instruction and field work.

On most Saturdays, students will report directly to the fields for a full day of field work, cage instruction, and games. Sundays are an off-day, though the fields are available for student use. You may click on an instructional area below for further information.

Students will be evaluated on a number of competency areas. You can find the competency areas, grading criteria for each, and grading scales here.

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