Classroom Training

Classroom sessions begin every morning at 9:00 a.m., five days per week. Attendance will be taken through a roll call, class announcements, and review of the previous day's coursework. This is followed by a discussion of terms and methods, and questions and answers.

Each day will include a lecture on Rules/Interpretations/Procedures. Thorough readings and discussions of the Official Baseball Rules and various official interpretation manuals are conducted during this time. Additionally, the Two-Umpire System will be covered in detail on the board and electronically to provide each student a strong foundation of the mechanics to be used at school and in the first year of their careers. Review of this system will occur a number of times in different formats. This system's foundations, mandated by professional baseball, was conceived and developed by Harry Wendelstedt.

Prior to the dismissal of each classroom session, student assignments for cage groups, control games, and live games will be announced. On designated days, classroom sessions will also include examination over the rules material presented to students from previous sessions. Students will be familiar with all material prior to testing. Night classroom sessions are scheduled periodically to ensure training objectives and course time lines are met.

Wendelstedt Extras

Computer Technology

A student web portal through the Virtual Office is provided to each student for online access to daily classroom presentations, lesson reviews, homework, and video tutorials in the Extra Innings Classroom. Here, students will also be able to submit Umpire Incident Reports. Each evening, students will receive reviews from the day and preparations for the next. This will include tips and reminders for successful completion of the course.

Student Affairs/Guidance

Student affairs is very important to us. This not only entails your time at school, but also turning your training into tangible experience to promote you to your highest potential in your career. This includes assigning each student a staff mentor/advisor, providing material and information for positions outside of affiliated professional baseball, and offering career outlook training.

We are your family away from home, and we want to ensure that you have one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of your life. To get to know you all at a personal level, we host an annual staff/student BBQ. We also make certain that you are as comfortable as possible by offering services and entertainment at local attractions for negotiated discounted rates.

Health and Fitness

The Wendelstedt Umpire School has partnered with OfficiallyFit, an online and interactive personal training program that allows students to tailor a physical fitness program to their needs. With thousands of unique programs at their disposal, students are able to find some to complete while in their hotel rooms. This program is provided free of charge to attending students.

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