Wendelstedt Umpire School

Excellence in Umpire Education and Training

Providing formal, supervised training for umpires to qualify for positions in professional, collegiate, independent professional and youth baseball.

      We are the only independently run professional umpire training program recognized by Minor League and Major League Baseball. Our program is distinguished by our curriculum, our staff, and our campus facilities.

      Our school offers you the best opportunity to excel in baseball through our unique presentation and exclusive teaching methods that includes demonstrations, drills, cage instruction, control situations, and camp games. Additionally, we are the only program that offers live games played by high school and college teams to give our students important real-game experience before moving into professional baseball.

      Our staff is the most quality and experienced staff ever compiled. While we provide you instructors from all levels of the Minor Leagues, nothing can compare to the value added by the instruction of a 30+ year MLB veteran.

      Our facilities are as good as any ever. Located right on Daytona Beach, the lodging for the school provides students with a relaxing and enjoyable experience during their personal time. The newly constructed field house eliminates any commuting from the classroom to the professionally designed and maintained field complex.

      We are the only program that offers students full uniforms in the Umpire Package, including professional style uniform shirts, poly-wool pants, and zip-off sleeve windbreaker.